How to clean a Windows 10 PC?

You want to install a program or save a video but your PC notifies you that disk space is insufficient? Do you notice a slowdown of your computer?

In this tutorial, we explain how to clean your PC for free and how to boost it.

Disk Cleanup Utility

Windows has several native tools that make it easy to find and delete unnecessary files.

We recommend that you use the native Windows 10 Disk Cleanup program. To access it, type its name in the Windows search bar.

It analyzes your PC and highlights the space occupied by temporary files (.tmp), updates, hidden files, etc. To delete them, simply check the boxes, click OK and then Delete Files.

If you want to do some deep cleaning, click on the Clean deep system files option and select the drive of your choice (usually the C: drive ).

Uninstall games and programs

To save space, you can uninstall programs and games that you do not need or use anymore.

In the search bar, type Control Panel, click the Uninstall a program option (under Programs ).

In the window that opens, a list of all installed software is displayed.

To rearrange them by size, click the Size tab.

Finally, select them one by one and click Uninstall / Change at the top of the window.

You are looking for a faster solution to remove several programs in both? We recommend CCleaner and IObit free programs.

As soon as the installation of a program or driver does not work properly, your PC automatically backs up your data and creates restore points. These take some space on your hard disk, but you can readjust this space.

To do this, type Create a Restore Point on the Start Menu.

The System Properties window opens, on the System Protection tab, select the C: drive and click the Configure option.

This will allow you to see the amount of space that your restore points appropriately.

Even if you want to win several gigabytes at any cost, we do not recommend disabling the system protection because, in case of major problems, you will not have recovery points.

Downloads, cookies and duplicates

In addition to the preinstalled Windows tools, there are plenty of free programs that specialize in deleting unnecessary files and cleaning hard disks.

CCleaner is one of them, and he is also able to spot duplicates (photos, downloads) and delete them permanently.

You can also use the high-performance Auslogics Duplicate File Finder software, plus it’s free.

Heavy files

At present, here’s how to delete large files. 

Open File Explorer (or Windows Explorer for older versions) and, select This PC.

Then, in the search bar, to the right of the window, type size: from the list that appears, select Gigantically.

On your screen, all files larger than 128 MB are displayed. All you have to do is choose the ones you want to separate (downloads, outdated drivers, old backups and ISO images).