How to boost your iPhone?

Your iPhone is too slow? Follow our tips to maximize performance and make it faster

Your iPhone is not one of the first days? Does the interface seem sleepy, apps take longer to open?
It’s slower since you updated it? It looks pale next to the new models?

With time, our smartphones are prone to slow down. It may be time to give it a boost! For this, follow our tutorial, you will find valuable tips to give it a second youth.

1. Is your iPhone up to date?

Currently, the Apple operating system for iPhone and iPad in iOS 12 (the arrival of his successor iOS 13 is scheduled for September 10). This update can give a boost to your iPhone.

To check if your iPhone is up to date, go to Settings → General → Software Update.

Note that older models may be incompatible with newer iOS versions.

2. Restart your iPhone

Restarting your iPhone will erase temporary memory and repair rebel applications.

For iPhone 5s and earlier models, press and hold the Sleep / Wake button on the top right of the phone until the Off switch appears.

For iPhone 6 and later, the Power / Standby button is on the right side. If you have an iPhone X, then hold simultaneously pressed buttons Power and Volume.

Then slide the slider to the right and wait until the iPhone turns off. Restart your iPhone by pressing and holding the Power / Standby button for 5 seconds.

You will see the Apple icon appear, then your iPhone will restart.

iphone booster

3. Remove apps

If you run out of space on your iPhone then this could be the cause of its slowness. One of the quick fixes for freeing space is to remove some applications.

Go to Settings → General → iPhone Storage. You will see the applications listed and the storage space they occupy. Choose the application (s) and select Delete.

4. Clean Safari

Let’s go to the Safari cleanup, in just 2 small steps: open Settings and go down to Safari then select Safari to  Clear History, Site Data.


After that, Safari will not automatically suggest the searched URLs unless they have been saved in your Favorites and some websites will forget your saved preferences.

5. Disable automatic background functions

Turning them off will speed up your iPhone and extend your battery life.
If your iPhone runs on iOS 6, you can skip this step because they were only introduced from iOS 7.

Settings → Apple IDs, iCloud, iTunes Store → iTunes Store and App Store → Disable each of the Automatic Downloads.


This deactivation is especially recommended if you often use the application Music, Books, for example.

To disable Background Refresh, go to Settings → General and Background Refresh.

Automatic features are not really necessary for your iPhone, and disabling them will give more juice to your smartphone!

6. Reduce graphics quality

Again, owners of an iPhone under iOS6 can skip this step, visual effects have also arrived with iOS 7 and later.

You will see that reducing the quality of the graphics will allow your iPhone to gain speed.

To disable animations:

Go to Settings →  General → Accessibility → Minimize animations .


This will disable the parallax effect of icons, for example, it is the effect rendered when tilting your device.

To increase contrast and reduce transparency:

Go to Settings  → General →  Accessibility  →  Increase Contrast, and then Decrease Transparency.