Apple Glass could turn any surface into a touchscreen

For four years, Apple has been working on a device that would allow virtually any surface to be transformed into a tactile interface. This augmented reality application would be linked to its glasses, the Apple Glass, which is scheduled for release in 2021.

Apple has been working on its connected glasses, the Apple Glass for several years , which could be released in 2021. If the company takes its time to launch them, it is undoubtedly because it wants to avoid the fiasco and to do a flop like Google , but also because it wants to exploit all the possibilities.

Lately, we have discussed the possibility of using them to lock access to an iPhone or iPad , but a patent application, unearthed by MacRumors , details the possibility of using them to transform any surface into a touch screen. . That would obviously be great, and here’s how it would be possible.

The Lidar integrated into the iPad Pro already allows augmented reality applications.  © Apple

A Lidar sensor at the heart of the system?

The idea would be to display the interface made up of icons on the lenses of the glasses . You then place yourself in front of a flat surface, like a table, and by placing your finger in front of an icon, you launch the application in question! In the text of the patent filing, Apple mentions ”  a device for detecting contact between at least part of a first object and at least part of a second object  “; the glasses would combine for this the use of a camera and an infrared ray .

Clearly, infrared would detect the place where you pressed with your finger, and this would then be considered as a click to launch the application, but also to interact with it. As the patent is already a few years old, we imagine that Apple will instead use a Lidar sensor that   appeared for the first time on its iPad Pro and whose use is dedicated to augmented reality applications .