A start-up develops software to prevent falling asleep at the wheel

Core Technology has developed software designed to detect the first signs of driver fatigue as quickly as possible, by measuring heart rate via a connected watch. The general manager of the start-up, Nicolas Vera, was Wednesday the guest of “La France Bouge”, on Europe 1.

Intelligent Drowsiness Monitor: stop falling asleep behind the ...

While many French people are preparing to spend, or have already spent, many hours in the car to go on vacation, it is worth remembering that fatigue is the leading cause of fatal accidents on the motorway . It is precisely to tackle this problem that Nicolas Vera has developed “Core for Tech”, software designed to detect falling asleep at the wheel as quickly as possible. Primarily intended, for the moment, for professional drivers, in particular for truck drivers, this device could eventually be integrated into all vehicles. The Managing Director of Core Technology came to present his project on Wednesday , in “La France Bouge” on Europe 1.

A connected watch to measure heart rate

Concretely, “Core for Tech” works thanks to a connected watch, linked to an application. All this makes it possible to study the heart rate and its variations. “It is thanks to this expertise, developed with the Lille hospital center, that we will be able to develop a permanent indicator for measuring and predicting falling asleep at the wheel,” explains Nicolas Vera. And the word “prediction” is important since the first visible signs of fatigue, such as a stiff neck or itchy eyes, are actually very late and need to be stopped immediately. While “Core for Tech” is able to detect fatigue “five, ten, up to twenty minutes before the first visible signs of falling asleep”.