5G: “no total ban” of Huawei in France, says Anssi

In an interview with the newspaper “Les Echos”, the director-general of the National Agency for Computer Systems Security explains that French operators using the Chinese telecom equipment supplier will receive operating permits limited to eight years.

Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei will not be subject to a “total ban” from the French 5G market , but French operators using it will receive operating licenses limited to eight years, according to the National Agency security of computer systems (Anssi), which compromises the Chinese group’s access to the hexagonal 5G market.

“What I can say is that there will not be a total ban. Operators who do not use Huawei, we urge them not to go because it is a bit the natural sense of things. . Those who already use it, we issue authorizations whose duration varies between three and eight years, “declared in an interview with Les Echos Guillaume Poupard, director general of Anssi, charged by the government to investigate this file. “The decisions are ready,” said Guillaume Poupard, confirming information from AFP on Tuesday that these decisions are only waiting to be signed by the executive.

“There will be refusals”

Only three telecom equipment manufacturers, the Europeans Nokia and Ericsson and the Chinese Huawei, are able to provide the equipment for the future 5G networks, the future mobile telecommunications system. “There will be refusals”, Guillaume Poupard told Les Echos, excluding however that these refusals concern Nokia and Ericsson, and thus indicating that only Huawei is concerned.

“What we are doing on 5G in France is a compromise. We must develop 5G under economically acceptable conditions for telecoms operators and also sovereign, which allow us not to be dependent on such or such equipment. or country, ”explained the director of Anssi. “Many of the antennas installed are compatible with 5G”, he reacted in particular about the dissuasive nature of these restrictions, given the amount to be invested for the operators.

“We are not in Huawei bashing”

“We are not in Huawei bashing, nor in anti-Chinese racism,” said Guillaume Poupard. “We are in risk management. All telecom equipment manufacturers are not equal. I am not citing a name, but it is clear that we are not in the same risks when we talk about Chinese or American equipment. We are cautious vis-à-vis non-European equipment manufacturers, obviously, just as we would be too, for example, if all the operators used the same equipment supplier, even if he was French, it would be catastrophic “, a- he added.

“This is the whole point of the discussion with telecom operators on the choice of their equipment manufacturers. It is not a trial of intent that we make to such a company or such a country. The question is just that of sovereignty, “concluded Guillaume Poupard.