Fundamentals of Structural Design

Understand the Basic of Reinforced Concrete Design and Construction Works as per the British Standard

Why the Fundamental of Structural Design?

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the fundamental of structural design.
  • Role of a structural engineer.
  • Detail introduction to all structural elements.
  • Basic construction processes/Methods.
  • Learn design of structural elements to the BS code.
  • Quality Control on Construction Materials.
  • How to estimate loading on any structure.
  • Important tests on construction materials.
  • How to relate design with construction.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 2 lectures • 21min.
  • Components of a Structure –> 2 lectures • 1hr 9min.
  • Construction Works –> 1 lecture • 32min.
  • Structural Loads, Load Distribution and Analysis –> 4 lectures • 2hr 14min.
  • Design of Structure Elements (A step by step guide) –> 2 lectures • 1hr 5min.
  • Design vs Construction –> 1 lecture • 28min.

Fundamentals of Structural Design


Why the Fundamental of Structural Design?

Structural engineers are one of the most important professionals in the AEC industry. The need to groom students and incoming structural engineers become very important as the use of software drew learners away from the basis of structural engineering.

Incoming structural engineers need to understand how to relate the theory of design learned in school with the practical construction works they will be exposed to after school. Due to this, I create this course to enlighten beginners in structural engineering practice and expose them to the real-life application of structural theories.


Why you Should Take this Course

  • You learn how to design basic structural elements to standard
  • Learn career opportunities for structural engineers
  • Basic construction knowledge required of a student engineer
  • Learn to relate design with construction works
  • We make it very simple and easy to learn
  • Access to PDF format of the course project
  • All necessary structural elements are covered
  • You get to see the application of every knowledge to real civil engineering projects
  • You get to see any updates on this course in the future.
  • You have the opportunity to learn from an experienced structural engineer.

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