Microsoft Azure Fundamentals, Administration and AI

Learn step by step Azure Fundamentals, Administration and Artificial Intelligence with full practical

3 courses in 1 course! No theory only practical based tutorial series

What you’ll learn

  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals.
  • Microsoft Azure Administration.
  • Microsoft Azure Artificial Intelligence.

Course Content

  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals and Administration –> 17 lectures • 2hr 42min.
  • Microsoft Azure Artificial Intelligence –> 6 lectures • 1hr 49min.

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals, Administration and AI


  • Basic usage of desktop and laptop.
  • Basic knowledge of cloud computing.
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Cloud Solutions.
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Azure.

3 courses in 1 course! No theory only practical based tutorial series


Course Summary

I have designed this course with full practical based tutorials that will help you to learn step by step

1. Microsoft Azure fundamentals and Administration

2. Artificial Intelligence

So the course will guide you to be able to handle Azure portal effectively, solve different types of errors, create web apps and bots, integrate the web apps and bots, report preparation for management to take decision to move to the cloud platform


After successful completion of this course, you will

1. Receive a Certificate

2. Get competitive position to get a job

3.  Be able to prepare projects for your education


The course covers the practical work of following outline

01. Azure Virtual Machine creation process

02. Web App Creation Process in Azure portal

03. Process to Deploy Azure Container Instances

04. Process to create Blob Storage in Azure Portal

05. SQL Database Creation Process in Azure Portal

06. IoT Hub and Device Creation and Simulator Test

07. Function App Creation Process in Azure

08. How to Create VM with template step by step process

09. Azure Key Vault Creation process and Secret to Key Vault

10. Securing Network Traffic using Azure Portal

11. How to manage Role Base Access Control (RBAC)

12. Adding a lock in Azure Resource

13. Policy Creation Process in Azure Portal

14. How to use Azure Pricing Calculator

15. Azure Total Cost of Ownership Calculator

16. Create Virtual network to connect with Virtual Machines

17. Web Bot and Web App service Creation Process with Azure Ai

18. How to create QnA maker service Bot with Azure Ai

19. How to train custom vision Ai to detect object with Azure

20. LUIS app creation process manually in Azure Ai

21. LUIS app building with pre-built domains in Azure

22. Integrate a Web App Bot with LUIS


Best of luck!