Introduction to Git, GitHub with Visual Studio Code

Learn the basics of Git, VS Code and Python Setup

Introduction to Git, GitHub with Visual Studio Code

What you’ll learn

  • Learn about source Control.
  • Learn how to use use git with Visual Studio code.
  • Learn the basic commands in Git.

Course Content

  • GIT –> 13 lectures • 1hr 31min.

Introduction to Git, GitHub with Visual Studio Code


  • Computer needed to follow along.

Introduction to Git, GitHub with Visual Studio Code

GitHub is the most well-known code repository site in the world today. Backed by Git, it makes working with the distributed source control access for all developers. Git is an industry-standard tool that all developers are expected to know. In this course, GitHub Fundamentals, you will learn why we need Git and how to use Git with the basic commands. Each video will go over a couple of basic commands with examples for you to follow along with. Learn in no time!


It comprises 60 minutes of video content spanned across 12 lectures.


Install Python provides basics of what Python is and basics of setting up Python on laptops or computers

Install Visual Studio Code provides IDEs setup steps for Python using Visual Studio

Introduction to Git and Version Control provides an overview of Git, why it’s used and why is it beneficial to learn it

Install and Setup Git will walk you through steps to install Git on your system

Working With Git will kick start working on Git on Visual Studio Code

Adding and Committing Files provides the procedure of adding files on the staging area

Using GitHub will walk you through set up of Git account and how to track a remote repository with Git

Pushing Changes to Remote Repository will give you a rundown on how to push and pull Visual Studio Code

Create and Commit Changes to a Branch will walk through what a branch is, how it’s created and what’s the use of it

Push a Branch to the Remote Repository provide a quick version of how to push


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in using source control and specifically Git
  • Software engineers, developers, and programmers new to Git