Chatbot Development Course with monetization

Course development course for everyone who want to create chatbots for their work, business, job and for freelancing.

Now, how does that sounds to you?

What you’ll learn

  • Chatbot development.

Course Content

  • Chatbot without coding –> 12 lectures • 42min.
  • With Machine Learning and Python! –> 10 lectures • 1hr 43min.

Chatbot Development Course with monetization


  • Basic Python knowledge/ For non coders too.

Now, how does that sounds to you?

Now most of you might know what a Chatbot or an Automated assistant is. But for those who are not that techy, here’s what a Chatbot signify:

A Chatbot can broadly be Categorized as an assistant that can have conversation with a human, like a human. Every business obviously need a customer service specialist to handle their clients but they don’t want to spend $1,000-$3000 every month on their playrole. A Customer Service Specialist would recieve 95% of the same questions just from different chatbots. Automation is taking overall spheres of our lives, be it from automated workspaces, digital smart assistants or technologies like smart phones and Artificial Intelligence. With every step we are moving to a more automated and digital life. Still there is a huge gap in the market that need to be fullfilled by chatbot developers. Companies are starting to hire chatbot developers to automate their businesses online while paying them $1,000 per month. So, are you someone who wants to start his own business but dont know where to start?

Or someone who wants to learn a new skill set while making $2000 every month easily without any prior work experience, then you’er at the right place.