Microservices Interview Questions – Passsing Guarranteed

Master the concepts & design patterns of Microservices Architecture with fully explained interview questions and answers

Developers, Tech Leads and Software Architects

What you’ll learn

  • How a product or system is designed based on microservices architecture.
  • Design patterns of Microservices.
  • Microservices in cloud-native systems.
  • Examples of Microservices in Java, .NET, Python as well as Amazon Web Services.

Course Content

  • Underestanding Microservices –> 9 lectures • 30min.
  • Features and Patterns of Microservices –> 40 lectures • 1hr 32min.
  • Quize and Self-assessment –> 0 lectures • 0min.

Microservices Interview Questions - Passsing Guarranteed


  • Some experience with any programming language.
  • Experience with object oriented programming.
  • Basic understanding of cloud infrastructure i.e. Amazon Web Services.

Developers, Tech Leads and Software Architects

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  • Do you need to prepare yourself for a job interview?
  • Would you like to learn the advanced patterns of Microservices Architecture?
  • Are you planning to become a software architect?
  • Would you like to interview the job candidates better?

Enjoy the 50 carefully picked Microservices Interview Questions that come with complete and detailed explanations. The question and answers can help you learn common patterns of Microservices Architecture quickly. They are suitable for all developers regardless of their favourite programming language or technology, including Java, Goland, Python, C# etc.

Once you have gone through the interview preparation, assess your interview readiness by a comprehensive exam and gain the confidence to pass the most challenging job interviews.


Some of the topics discussed in this Microservices Interview Questions include:

  • Microservices Design & Architectural Patterns
  • Events vs. Messages vs. APIs in Microservices Architecture
  • Microservices Examples
  • Microservices in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform
  • Containers and Docker in Microservices Architecture
  • Transforming monolith applications to Microservices
  • Integration Patterns in Microservices
  • Cloud-Native Microservices
  • Monitoring Microservices

Mastering all the concepts and patterns of microservices takes a long time. This course is designed to quickly get you ready for your next job and guide you through the path you need to take to become an experienced developer.