How To Do Fundraising For a Startup

Did you know it takes a good 6-8 months to raise funds for your business.

What you’ll learn

  • Knowledge about how startups raise funds.
  • Founders will learn, about how many different categories of investors are out there.
  • Founders will come out with knowledge about, what they should ask an investor about during fundraising.
  • The entrepreneur will learn, when they should start the fund raising process for their company and how long does an average cycle take.

Course Content

  • THE LECTURE SERIES –> 10 lectures • 1hr 30min.



Did you know it takes a good 6-8 months to raise funds for your business.

Did you also know that a good 70-75% of startups are rejected by investors.

But investors exist for a reason and that is to invest, and startups do get funded.

Fund raising successfully is CRITICAL to the survival and growth of a business BUT it is so much more than just the money. Founders, need to understand the right investor with the right connections and tools, can help the startup reach new heights, gain customers and can prove to be that one decision, that can make it profitable! There are many investor types and categories and there are tons of questions, that a founder MUST ask an investor. It is not the investor only, who asks questions. It works both ways!!

This knowledge and education is a must for an entrepreneur.


Don’t be afraid but do not take this lightly!


Entrepreneurs are problem solvers. They are skilled at identifying the gaps and problems in a market and solving those. The product that solves a problem for a community is posed to grow. But growing a business takes money. And this is where many founders feel lost. Who do you talk to for funding, when should you fundraise, how much funding do you need, what are all the categories of investors out there, how do you attract the right investor, what information to present, how much equity are you willing to part with, how do you value your business and justify those numbers as well. A big challenge for many business owners.

In this class we will be discussing how to secure the right funding. What are all the different investor categories, when to start reaching out to investors, how to identify the RIGHT investor for your business, because not all investors are equal. We will learn how investors look at different businesses and understand their perspective.


Coming out from this class, you will know how do fundraising in a STEP BY STEP manner and work with the RIGHT investor!!

I will teach you the rules of the game used by the investors. Take my class before you start speaking with investors. LEARN THE GAME!

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