Devices and Circuits – Wiring & Busbars

Let’s learn about important components inside electrical cabinets – wiring (conductors) and busbars systems (60mm)


What you’ll learn

  • WIRING: Wire color / cross section – represent properly in EPLAN.
  • WIRING: Wire color standard including special cases – with examples.
  • WIRING: Common wire types used to wire components inside electrical panels.
  • WIRING: Short circuit proof cable/conductor – when and why to use it.
  • WIRING: External voltage / power supply – special wire color – requirement in some contries (e.g. Germany).
  • WIRING: Ground wire – color IEC/NFPA.
  • BUSBARS – how to represent them properly in EPLAN.
  • BUSBARS – components necessary to build a 60mm Rittal RiLine60 busbar system.
  • BUSBARS – properly dimension busbars for the necessary current consumption.
  • BUSBARS – calculate heat loss parameter of a busbar.
  • BONUS TREAT – 119 photos of electrical cabinet from real-life international projects.
  • BONUS TREAT – Rittal RiLine60 busbar system in 3D in Eplan PRO PANEL.

Course Content

  • Wiring / Conductors inside electrical cabinets –> 6 lectures • 21min.
  • Busbars – 60mm busbar system – design, build and dimension –> 3 lectures • 24min.
  • 119 photos of electrical cabinets + 60mm busbar system in 3D –> 2 lectures • 8min.

Devices and Circuits - Wiring & Busbars


  • Basic knowledge of Eplan Electric P8.
  • Basic understanding of electrical engineering components and symbols.


welcome to my course series where I teach you about basic components and circuits inside and outside electrical cabinets.

This course in particular will cover two basic topics: wiring inside a cabinet and 60mm busbar system.

This course is also real-life oriented, that’s why we learn things that will benefit you on your real-life projects, where it doesn’t matter whether you work as a designer, panel builder or system integrator that wants to dip his finger into electrical cabinets story a bit.


There are two real treats at the end of the course (last two videos/lessons):

119 photos of electrical cabinets from international projects (my partner workshop) – both power and control cabinets, also SIVACON

– RiLine60 busbar system in 3D in Eplan PRO Panel – where we experience in 3D how a 60 mm busbar system looks like in “reality”


The next course that will come out if this workshop of basic components and circuits is going to be a DOL motor starter with in depth analysis so stay tuned for more valuable content.


Hope you’ll enjoy the course and I’ll be seeing you over there!


Best regards and stay safe and well,

Ivan Vidovic (aka Eplan Tutor)

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