LaTeX for dissertation, publication, and presentation

Learn LaTeX from scratch; write thesis, article; prepare presentation, poster, bulletin, resume, calendar. Get Templates


What you’ll learn

  • How to deal with mathematical equations, arrays, matrix, special characters, symbols.
  • How to deal with preamble and packages, graphics, tables, bibliography, appendix etc..
  • How to write a professional publication, academic project or dissertation.
  • How to prepare an attractive academic or professional presentation, poster, bulletin.
  • How to prepare a fancy desk calendar.

Course Content

  • Introduction and Software.
  • LaTeX Basics.
  • Graphics and Table.
  • LaTeX in Mathematics.
  • Bibliography and Appendix.
  • Project-1: Writing Thesis/Dissertation.
  • Project-2: Writing Publication.
  • Project-3: Creating Presentation.
  • Academic and Other Documents.
  • Concluding Remark.
  • On Demand Solutions.

LaTeX for dissertation, publication, and presentation


  • No previous knowledge about LaTeX is required for this course.
  • Need a PC: Windows, or Mac, or Linux, and internet access.


LaTeX is an advanced typesetting system, sometimes pretty much like HTML, used to create a quality document. The benefits of using LaTeX are obvious in many ways.  For example,

  •  LaTeX works more efficiently in hailing graphics, bibliography, equations, reference, section etc. than other applications.
  •  You don’t have to worry about the layout of your document, it’s automatic in LaTeX.
  •  LaTeX does all the difficult formatting work for making a beautiful document.
  •  LaTeX is free, public domain. You don’t have to buy anything.

This course provides a hands-on introduction to create a high-quality document, to build up the beautiful presentation, and to write professional publications in LaTeX. I have designed this course from a starting level and then gone through all the necessary features step-by-step. I have given a lot of examples so that student can understand everything clearly, and added assignments for home practice. I have also added three giant projects for getting practical experience of complete LaTeX documents. My student will do all these three projects together with me as a special part of the course. In this way, you will also get three ready-made LaTeX templates for dissertation, publication, and presentation.  I will also show how to prepare bulletin, poster, desk-calendar, resume etc. , and will provide templates for all of these documents. I am sure, as a student, you will find this course very handy.