Whatsapp fixes phone number leak on Google

Whatsapp co-pedaling which finally decided to hide the phone numbers of Google users. The security expert who made this discovery therefore won. However, he was not rewarded …

While Facebook , parent company of Whatsapp, explained that it was neither a bug  nor a flaw , finally the alert of Athul Jayaram bore fruit. This expert had discovered that the Google search engine indexed the telephone numbers linked to Whatsapp, and more particularly those which use the ”  Click to Chat ” function. A total of 300,000 telephone numbers were found in the middle of the search results.

Finally, Whatsapp therefore decided to back off, and in a message to TechCrunch , the social network explains that it therefore decided to exclude links including phone numbers from Google’s indexing. It’s very simple to set up, and you just have to tell Google robots which areas should be excluded from indexing.

No reward for this discovery …

This Tuesday, we therefore tested if it was true, and indeed the requests on the site: //www.wa.me domain do not now return any results. Unable to find phone numbers related to Whatsapp  in Google, and we tried with several different codes. It is therefore a victory for this Indian researcher but … he will not get a reward for this discovery.

”  While we appreciate this researcher’s report and appreciate the time it took to share it with us, it was not eligible for a reward as it was just about a search engine URL index that users of WhatsApp had chosen to make it public,  “said Whatsapp in its press release. Too bad for him. Recall that a week ago, another security expert had received $ 100,000 from Apple for discovering a flaw in iOS