Walkcar, the “portable electric car”, is finally on the market

Imagine a 13-inch laptop with four electrically powered casters that you stand on while driving around the city. It is the Walkcar, a soft mobility device like no other that is controlled with the movements of the body.

Cocoa Motors has been working on the Walkcar for five years , an urban means of transport which it has just launched in Japan. The manufacturer describes as a ”  portable electric car that is transported as a computer laptop  .” The Walkcar is equipped with four independent suspension casters. The two fixed front casters each incorporate the smallest electric motor in the world, according to the manufacturer, for a total power of 260W. The two rear casters are free and directional. The board itself, which mixes aluminum and carbon fiber , is 215 mm long and 346 mm wide.

The pilot operates to 74 mm from the ground and it controls the Walkcar by movement of his body, a bit like a PT -type Segway or electric single wheel: lean forward to accelerate, backward to brake, tilt right or left to turn. It can support a maximum weight of 80 kg .

Up to 16 km / h and 7 km of range

The Walkcar is a micromobility machine that is not intended to replace an electric bicycle or scooter . Do not expect to travel more than 7 km in eco mode (10 km / h) and 5 km in sport mode (16 km / h) with its small 68 Wh battery. But it has the advantage of recharging in 60 minutes.

Not excessively heavy, (2.9 kg), we can well imagine the Walkcar used to make the connection between a metro station, bus or car parking and its final destination (office, home, shops …). A concept certainly attractive which has, on paper, only one defect: the price which is equivalent to a little more than 1.630 euros at the current price. For the moment, the Walkcar is only sold in Japan and Cocoa Motors has not yet mentioned international marketing.