Voxan Wattman, the dry-ice electric motorcycle that wants to break the world speed record

The Monegasque manufacturer Venturi, owner of the Voxan brand, has just unveiled the prototype of an electric motorcycle with which it intends to beat the world speed record at over 330 km / h. The attempt will take place in July 2021 on the salt lake of Uyuni in Bolivia with motorcycle champion Max Biaggi on the handlebars.

Despite ignition delay, attempt world record speed in electric motorcycle that prepares Voxan seems on track. The brand, which has belonged to Venturi since 2010, has just unveiled the prototype of the Voxan Wattman with which it intends to exceed 330 km / h on the salt lake of Uyuni in Bolivia. If the plan goes as planned, it should happen in July 2021. The initial attempt was to take place this summer but the pandemic of coronavirus abruptly stopped the test program.

According to information provided by Venturi, the Wattman is designed on the basis of an aeronautical grade steel and aluminum tubular chassis with double swing arm and central shock absorber at the front and rear. Its aluminum rims are cut in the mass and the 17-inch Michelin Pilot RS + tires that fit them can take up to 450 km / h. The long wheelbase and caster angle allow the center of gravity to be lowered by positioning the rider as low as possible to ensure the best possible stability. The fairing very profiled in carbon fiber minimizes resistancein the air .

970 Nm of torque and 240 kW for the Voxan Wattman engine

The propulsion is provided by a permanent magnet motor which develops 270 kW and 67 hp for a torque of 970 Nm. Its design is derived from an electric motor that Venturi has developed for Formula E. The Wattman’s battery has been designed internally with the collaboration of the Ohio State University in the United States. Composed of 1,470 cells, it develops 317 kW of nominal power for a capacity of 15.9 kWh. It weighs 140 kg for a total weight of 300 kg. For the cooling of the powertrain, the engineers used a water / dry ice exchanger installed under the saddle of the electric motorcycle .

The Voxan Wattman does not use a front brake, useless and too dangerous for this kind of experience. The rider can count on a rear four-piston disc brake and an engine brake, the force of which he can adjust. Six-time motorcycle world champion Max Biaggi will be riding the electric motorcycle for the attempt in July 2021. The record is currently held by the Japanese Ryuji Tsuruta on a Mobitec EV-02A which has reached 329 km / h in autumn last.