Two-wheel drive electric mountain bikes with amazing all-wheel drive

The American manufacturer Christini markets a range of electric mountain bikes and fat bikes with all-wheel drive with tapered couples cleverly integrated into the frame and the fork.

The benefits of all-wheel drive are well known in automobiles  : better traction, better road holding when grip conditions are precarious, easier crossing of obstacles in off-road mode An observation that can be transposed to two wheels, except for that. that the integration of such a device is technically complex and potentially too expensive. However, in the United States, the manufacturer of motorcycles and bicycles Christini has developed and patented an all-wheel drive that it even applies to electric mountain bikes .

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The brand offers several models of semi-rigid 27.5-inch e – MTB and fat bike with prices ranging between 4,200 and 5,600 euros (at the current dollar rate) and that can be ordered from Europe. Christini began to develop its all-wheel drive in the early 1990s. The current version is based on bevel couples, on the rear and front hubs as well as in the steering tube, connected to each other by an articulated transmission shaft which crosses the arm. rear, frame and fork. A clutch system controlled from the handlebars allows switching to “2×2”, the rear wheel providing propulsion.

Bafang 1.000 or 1.500W motors

Christini explains that its all-wheel drive improves handling and traction during difficult and / or uneven climbs, when weather conditions are bad (rain, snow) and that it secures the pilot on committed descents. The various ebike models offered are powered by Bafang 1.000 and 1.500W electric motors and powered by 52V batteries from 12 to 15 Ah. A technical sheet which should require registration as an electric motorcycle for France.

Christini does not mention the autonomy of these electric bikes, but it is a safe bet that the prolonged use of the four-wheel drive must have a significant impact on it. Simple in principle but very ingenious in its implementation, according to the manufacturer, it only requires conventional cleaning / lubrication. Christini does not rule out licensing its technology to other bicycle manufacturers.