Triggo, the electric micro car that changes size to better circulate and park

Designed by a Polish start-up, the Triggo can go from 148 to 86 cm in width to squeeze between cars like a motorcycle or park in a cramped space.

Citroen AMI , Renault Twizzy , Toyota I-Road, Bicar , Seat Minimo Electric micro- cars are aimed at those who respect eco-friendly mobility and who want to keep the safety and comfort of an automobile while enjoying on the mat side of a two wheeler. Triggo, a young Polish startup with financial support from the European Union, went further in this merger by designing a micro-car with variable geometry.

To describe it quickly, the Triggo is a bit of a Twizzy whose front axle is able to widen or shrink as needed. Just press a button on the steering wheel to increase its width from 148 to 86 cm. This allows it, for example, to park perpendicularly between two cars, on a space for two wheels or even to play traffic jams by sneaking between the queues of cars stopped.

Very short turning radius and four directional wheels

The front axle rests on double suspension triangles mounted on ball joints on the wheel side and fixed to a vertical axis on the chassis side. A hydraulic cylinder actuates the mechanism by pulling or pushing, so that the width change can take place while driving at low speed . The front and rear axle are articulated with a parallelogram , which allows the Triggo to tilt in curves. In addition, the rear wheels are directional, which improves handling and gives the car a turning radius of 3.5 meters and very good handling.

The speed is limited to 90 km / h when the Triggo is moving in enlarged mode and 25 km / h when it “shrinks”. The electric micro- car can carry two passengers seated in a row. The autonomy is not specified and we asked the manufacturer for details on this subject as well as on availability in France and the price. Production is expected to start next year.