This electric motorcycle can simulate the sound of any heat engine

The Italian company 2electron has developed an audio emulator that can reproduce the sound of any petrol engine on a motorcycle or car. It is intended for owners of electric vehicles nostalgic for the song of cylinders.

A priori, in addition to being freed from fossil fuels , one of the other motivations to pass on an electric vehicle is the much quieter operation. So why on earth would we want to find the sound of a heat engine? 2electron, an Italian company, has developed an emulator that faithfully reproduces the sound and vibration of different engines motorcycle petrol with their revving, the passages speeds , deceleration, all this obviously synchronized with the actual operation of ‘an electric motor.

Called McFly, in reference to the Back to the Future trilogy, the system is currently able to recreate the sound of a two-stroke 1989 single cylinder, a 1999 600 cc four-cylinder in line or that of a four-cylinder time of 800 cm3 of 2004. Enough to allow passionate bikers to afford a little flashback on the handlebars of their electric motorcycle . The manufacturer says it is possible to emulate the sound of any mill.

A speaker system

To demonstrate this system, 2electron created a prototype electric motorcycle called Emula which is equipped with speakers placed at the level of the tank and under the saddle. The touch screen allows you to select the engine model to emulate. And for more realism , the bike is equipped with a speed selector and a clutch lever with feedback to simulate resistance and shifting. It is even planned that the sound can be diffused in the pilot’s helmet in order to preserve all the discretion of the electric propulsion. 2electron explains that McFly is compatible with all two and four wheel vehicles.

In video, the simulation seems quite impressive. It remains to be seen what happens on the road. And if there is a clientele for this kind of gadget. Imagine a Tesla rumbling to the sound of a Lamborghini V12 or a Renault Zoe hissing like a Ferrari V8. Weird, did you say weird?