This app allows you to copy and paste objects from reality in Photoshop

A new application created by artist and programmer Cyril Diagne allows you to insert a photo of an object in Photoshop from a mobile. The process is automated and uses artificial intelligence to separate the object from its background in seconds.

The augmented reality is in fashion in the world of smartphones. This technology has led many manufacturers to add a flight time sensor. So far, uses have been limited. Most applications offer a fun demonstration of augmented reality without real interest, or to view a new sofa in your living room before buying it. A new project called  AR Cut & Paste performs the opposite operation, namely copying any real object to paste it into an image editor.

The demonstration was made by Cyril Diagne, a French digital artist . In a video on Twitter , he takes a picture of three objects with his smartphone, and inserts them into Photoshop by simply aiming at the screen of his computer . Real copy / paste from the real world to a digital format, all in just a few seconds!

A system possible thanks to deep learning

The application combines the product of several researches, starting with BASNet  (Boundary-Aware Salient Object Detection). This code uses artificial intelligence and neural networks to detect the edges of the main subject of an image. It allows you to isolate the object and remove the background. In order to insert the image in Photoshop, the artist relies on OpenCV SIFT. This code determines the exact coordinates of the point on the computer screen targeted by the mobile’s camera.

It is currently only a research prototype, but the process is already very fast. Cyril Diagne indicated that it takes 2.5 seconds to copy an object, and 4 seconds to paste it. According to him, the process could be further optimized. The code is available on  GitHub , and can, therefore, be reused by anyone with some technical skills. Notice to amateurs