This 1,250 hp electric supercar is unlike any other

Rice Advanced Engineering Systems and Research, an automaker based in California, has created an incredible electric supercar with a spectacular design and a technical sheet bordering on the improbable.

If you walk around Los Angeles, you might spot an incredible electric supercar that looks like it came out of a movie or a comic book. This is the RAESR Tachyon Speed , a racing car that promises to “push design and electric technology to their limits”. Promise kept with a spectacular result to say the least.

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Aesthetically, the Tachyon Speed ​​is a cross between a Batmobile , a Pagani Zonda and a fighter plane. Love it or hate it, it’s a matter of taste, but originality is there. A disproportion that can be found on the powertrain, with no less than six electric motors that develop 1,250 hp powered by a set of batteries producing 1.4 megawat of peak power.

A removable steering wheel that serves as a remote control

The car is supposed to exceed 380 km / h at top speed and offers up to 240 km of range “in the city”, probably at low speed. The driver sits in a unibody cabin and can take a passenger seated behind him. The atmosphere on board is spartan and the driving position at ground level very sporty. The removable steering wheel with touchscreen acts as a remote control to open and close the cockpit canopy .

Rice Advanced Engineering Systems and Research, the manufacturer who designed this strange machine, announces a price ranging from 750,000 to 1.5 million dollars. Not sure that we see a lot of Tachyon Speed ​​on the road