The OnePlus Pro 8 will no longer be able to see through clothing

One of the OnePlus Pro 8 photosensors allows you to see, through a filter, through plastic or textile. A function soon blocked for reasons of confidentiality.

Many have secretly dreamed of it since they were very little: see through the walls . What passed for science fiction almost became a reality last week as owners of OnePlus Pro 8 posted photos and videos showing that the smartphone can see under certain textiles and plastics. All without X-rays .

In fact, this sleight of hand is possible thanks to one of the photo sensors , since the Chinese manufacturer is the first to use a sensor with a color filter . By playing on the settings, users have managed to reveal the inside of a remote control or a text hidden under a garment. In Futura, we tried to reproduce this effect with this same phone, but it seems that this is only possible with devices sold in the United States and China.

Deactivation of the temporary sensor

Anyway, what passed for a great gadget will soon disappear since the brand announced that an update to its operating system would, within the week, disable this feature. This will first be effective on HydrogenOS (in China) and OxygenOS (in the rest of the world).

For OnePlus , the fact of seeing through plastics and especially certain textiles could have given bad ideas to some, and it is for the sake of confidentiality and to protect the privacy of people that it was better to disable this function. OnePlus specifies that the deactivation of the sensor is temporary, the time to modify the settings in a software way so that it can no longer “see” through objects.