The first virtual time machine…

Lucas Rizzotto, a Californian inventor, filmed his life for a year with glasses incorporating a camera. In a video posted on YouTube, he shows how he used virtual reality to create a time machine to relive his memories.

In a project not unlike an episode in the Black Mirror series  , Lucas Rizzotto, a young inventor from San Francisco, has created a time machine. Or more precisely a virtual machine to go back in its memories. He presents his creation in a video as wacky as it is inspired.

For a year Lucas Rizzotto filmed his life wearing Snapchat Spectacles glasses , which incorporate video cameras. On Twitter , he mentions that he mainly used the first and second generation of glasses. The third version of the Spectacles, which adds a second camera to film in stereoscopy , was not released until November 2019. The main difficulty was the time constraint, since they can only film 30 seconds for the first two generations , or 60 seconds for the third generation. He managed to modify them to shoot longer, but encountered overheating issues after several minutes.

Memories recorded in the first person

The project therefore consists of a large number of short sequences filmed throughout the year, for a total of approximately seven terabytes of data. He then built a virtual reality control panel, inspired by the Back to the Future dashboard  , which allows you to choose the date of the memory to consult. The computer chooses the video which corresponds to the instant closest to that requested, and projects it into virtual reality .

The inventor indicates that he was surprised to see these videos , which were filmed in the first person. The experience was much more immersive than expected. ”  I was my own ghost, watching myself wander around my life with no idea what was going to happen next,  ” he says. With the development of devices like Spectacles or Google Glass , it is not difficult to imagine a near future where everyone will record their entire life, for better or for worse …