Take advantage of discounts on training in Web Development, Data Sciences

Whether you want to learn out of curiosity or reorient yourself towards the web professions, discover in this article a selection of training courses, going from Web Development to Data Sciences.

The rise of the web in our current society has led to the creation of many web professions. To meet the expectations of companies wishing to recruit and manage web professionals, numerous training courses in e-business, web marketing or e-commerce have emerged.

10 Great Websites To Help You Learn Web Development Online ...

Very formative sectors, the creation of websites, mobile applications, web analysis and multimedia creation are highly sought-after skills. Whether you wish to make a professional reorientation or simply develop your personal skills, you will discover among our selection, an exceptional reduction on Udemy with the best training in web professions.

These special offers are available from June 18 to 20, so go ahead and take advantage of this superb reduction allowing you to get the best courses with a reduction of up to -75%.

Web development training

Web development uses many technologies, so it is a constantly evolving field. Current technology, in great demand, could lose its appeal in a few years. This is why you should not depend on a particular technology when you choose to become a web developer . On the contrary, you must be open to continuous learning. And when it comes to learning, your goals must be specific.

Marketing and social media training

Are you new to network marketing? Want to learn the basics of network marketing? You will learn how to get started in network marketing and you will discover the basics that you need to know to succeed more quickly in this environment.

Discover a course built to give you the means and the methodology to quickly set up your marketing strategy in order to increase your sales, attract new customers and master social networks .

Mobile application developer training

To follow this training, no prior knowledge of programming is required. Whether you are a student, a retraining professional, or if you just want to develop your skills on the web, you can start your learning now!

Discover a training allowing you to achieve in a simple and effective way objectives such as knowing how to create your own iOS and Android mobile applications from A to Z. You will also learn to create all types of applications while sharing the code between iOS and Android . And finally, you will know how to develop in C # language, a key programming language which will allow you to evolve towards several other fields (Unity game development, server development).