Superstrata Ion, an ultralight and “affordable” custom 3D printed electric bike

Developed by the Californian company Arevo, this e-bike built for the city promises a new level of customization to match the size of its owner thanks to the flexibility of 3D printing. Fully equipped, it weighs only 11 kg. Although high, its selling price is significantly lower than what is usually practiced on this type of product.

An electric bike whose carbon monocoque frame is adapted to your body shape thanks to 3D printing. There, you say to yourself: “brilliant, but it must cost a fortune”. Yes and no. Yes in view of the price that we consider “reasonable” for a bike and not if we base ourselves on what custom models are usually worth. Arevo, a bicycle manufacturer installed in California since 2013, has designed an ultra-light electric e-bike, whose 100% carbon frame is produced in one piece by a 3D printer.

Thanks to this very flexible manufacturing method, Superstrata Ion , that’s its name, promises an unprecedented level of personalization, with more than 500,000 unique combinations taking into account the size, weight, length of the cyclist’s arms and legs, as well as his preferred riding position and even the desired level of frame stiffness . A dream for all lovers of the ordinary accessible to a few wealthy privileged people ready to pay indecent sums.

96 km of autonomy

This is to say if there is something to be pleasantly surprised to learn that the Superstrata Ion will be sold for $ 3,999, or nearly 3,500 euros at the current price. This is obviously a high price that does not put it within the reach of all budgets. But it is at the very least three times less expensive than what could claim a manufacturer who would manufacture such a custom-made bicycle in a traditional way. The 3D printer also offers tremendous freedom in terms of design, which gives the city a unique look VAE, both futuristic and sporty. The superb carbon baton wheels (sold as an option for $ 1,700) add character to the whole.

In addition to its level of customization, Arevo promises us that the monocoque frame will be much more resistant and rigid than an equivalent made of several welded and / or glued parts. On the motorized side, however, we are on a classic assembly with a 250W motor in the rear hub, the provenance of which is unknown, and a 125 Wh battery perfectly integrated into the lower tube. 

Arevo evokes a “Shimano group” for the transmission and the disc brakes without specifying the model. The set weighs just 11kg , which places the Superstrata Ion among the featherweights in its class and well below its main competitors, the Cowboy 3 , Gogoro Eeyo 1 , VanMoof S3 and Angell . The autonomy announced is 96 km.

Arevo launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo which has already far exceeded its initial target. Buyers who decide to order the first 50 copies of the Superstrata Ion will pay only $ 1,799 or 1,573 euros at the current price. The first deliveries will be honored in December.