Specialized Turbo Vado SL, the ultra-light urban e-bike with 130 km of autonomy

The American brand Specialized has just unveiled its new electric city bike which weighs less than 15 kg on the scale.

Combining great autonomy and lightness, this is the bet of Specialized with its new urban electric bike, the Turbo Vado SL . It is a light version of the Turbo Vado, the “big” city pedelec with its removable 630 Wh battery, its 90 Nm of torque, its assistance which multiplies the pedaling power by four, its 130 km of autonomy and its 22.2 kg . With the Turbo Vado SL, Specialized has managed to reduce the weight to 14.9 kg while offering equivalent range.

The Specialized Vado SL communicates with a mobile application available on Android and iOS.  © Specialized

One of the secrets of this weight gain is the SL 1.1 240- watt electric motor, which weighs only 1.95 kg compared to 3.4 kg for the Turbo Vado. The battery integrated in the lower tube is also more slender but also less powerful (320 Wh). The torque of the Vado SL is obviously much lower (35 Nm) than that of its big brother and assistance only “doubles” the pedaling power.

Entrance ticket at 3,000 euros

As a result, Specialized says the Turbo Vado SL is “40% lighter than most electric bikes.” Enough to maneuver it more easily to load it in a car , when taking the train or climbing a few stories on foot. Using the less demanding of the three assistance modes, the Vado SL can travel up to 130 km. And it is even possible to climb to 195 km by adding the Range Extender external battery which is fixed in place of one of the two bottle holders. The charging time of the main battery is 2 hours 35 minutes.