Soon available on iOS and Android, the StopCovid application is revealed in pictures

We thought it was in the closet but the StopCovid application, which decided to do without Apple and Google, should be ready for this weekend and therefore the 2nd phase of deconfinement

It is a real race against the clock in which France has engaged with its StopCovid application since it is supposed to be ready for June 2, and it is still not available … Except that this tracking application contacts have just passed into the hands of soldiers, used as beta testers, and that ” subject to a vote in Parliament, the application could be available in the application stores of Apple and Android this weekend “according to Cédric O, the Secretary of State in charge of digital . Or two days before the second phase of deconfinement.

The other good news for the government is that the Cnil gave the green light on Tuesday noting that ”  the ‘StopCovid’ application will not lead to the creation of a list of infected people but simply a list of contacts, for whom all data is pseudonymized  ”. The National Commission for Information Technology and Liberties considers that ” the application can be legally deployed as soon as it appears to be an instrument complementary to the manual health survey system and that it allows faster alerts in case of contact with an infected person, including for unknown contacts “.

Not yet validated by Parliament

Despite this favorable stamp of the CNIL, there are still obstacles. First, this May 26, Cédric O will defend his project during a big oral before the Law Commission of the National Assembly. Then, Wednesday, it will be time for the debate and the votes of the deputies, before a final step, the next day in the Senate. The next 48 hours are therefore decisive for the official launch.

In the immediate future, the government published the first visuals of this application which decided to dispense with the solution advocated by Apple and Google. France is therefore a separate group in the tracing of the population, and we discover a classic interface were composed of three main parts, including declare Me. If you have tested positive, the laboratory has given you a QR Code or a code that must be entered. It is perfectly anonymous for the people who will be in contact with this person, and once Bluetooth is activated, it is the beginning of “tracing”.

How does it work on iPhone?

Each person who has installed the application will then receive a notification if they have stayed at least 15 minutes within one meter of the infected person. Here is the text: “  Risk of exposure to the coronavirus. In recent days, you have come across a person who tested positive for Coronavirus. Tap here to find out what to do.  The application then prompts you to approach your doctor to perform a test.

All the same, there remains a major question: operation on the iPhone. A priori, Apple has not given in to requests from France, and Bluetooth will not be able to work in the background. This, therefore, limits the effectiveness of ”  tracing  ” since it requires always having the application open when you are in contact with people.

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