Samsung launches wireless charger that also disinfects your phone

A UV sterilizer is hidden in the latest Samsung wireless charger. This box, sold at around 60 euros, accepts phones, headphones, but also any other everyday object. In 10 minutes, it eliminates 99% of bacteria, germs and possible viruses.

Samsung is the first renowned manufacturer to market a 10W wireless charger which obviously recharges your phone’s battery, but which sterilizes and disinfects the device! How? ‘Or’ What ? Thanks to ultraviolet . Samsung recalls that UV-C light  can eliminate 99% of bacteria and germs present on a device.

The housing has a button on the front to start disinfection.  A green light indicates that the operation is in progress.  © Samsung

The manufacturer does not specify if it is effective against the coronavirus , but it should be remembered that companies and public establishments use UV-C lamps every day to eliminate any possible trace of the virus on the desks, the seats, but also the soil and all types of equipment.

Disinfection in 10 minutes

First launched in Asia, and now available in Europe, this wireless charger takes the form of a small box with a very Apple design in which is placed a device compatible with wireless charging – it can be ‘ headsets or smartphones – then the lid is closed. Then, press the button on the front to start disinfection by UV. The operation lasts only 10 minutes, and Samsung specifies that it should not be abused, otherwise the device will be damaged. Clearly, 10 minutes is enough for complete sterilization, and the shutdown is automatic.

Sold around 60 euros, this charger accepts smartphone models with screens up to 7 inches , and all brands. We can even use the box to disinfect other objects that are not electronic or rechargeable, such as glasses for example.