Samsung Galaxy A Quantum, the first quantum security smartphone

The manufacturer Samsung and the operator SK Telecom have developed the first smartphone with “quantum” security. According to the two partners, it is impossible to hack data from this Galaxy A-based mobile.

Here is the most secure smartphone in the world, according to the Korean operator SK Telecom . The mobile, a modified Samsung Galaxy A, is the result of a partnership between Samsung and SK Telecom. Jointly, they managed to integrate a quantum generator  of random numbers to secure its data. Adding to its name the “Quantum” extension, the smartphone is 5G compatible and takes up all the features of the classic Galaxy A71.

The feat is to have introduced this quantum generator (QRNG) in a tiny 2.5 mm² chip. To generate unpredictable figures, an LED emits random sequences of photons which are read by a CMOS sensor . The rest of the security is based on a blockchain technology called  Initial . All data hosted in  Initial is encrypted. The whole is associated with a biometric authentication system which further strengthens security.

Compatible only with the operator SK Telecom

With this combination of systems mixing quantum, blockchain and biometrics, still according to SK Telecom, there is no device and no method to falsify or steal files from the mobile. For the moment, the technology only works with the operator SK Telecom. The Galaxy A Quantum is therefore unusable with this system on other networks. In addition, the documents that can be protected are not yet very numerous. To extend compatibility with  Initial, the operator plans to deliver APIs to developers very soon.

The Galaxy A Quantum is no longer at the prototype stage. It will be marketed from May 22 in Korea at a price equivalent to around 500 euros. Since only SK Telecom can operate this quantum chip at this time, it is unclear whether the two partners intend to offer this technology outside of South Korea.