Renault Zoe, Tesla Model 3, Nissan Leaf: the winning third for electric cars in France

The latest annual barometer from Avere reveals that nearly 70,000 light electric vehicles were registered in France in 2019, an increase of 29%. The Renault Zoe is still the preferred electric car for French motorists.

The latest annual barometer from Avere (National Association for the Development of Electric Mobility) has just been published. It tells us that 69,466 light electric vehicles were registered in France in 2019, which represents an increase of 29%. Of this overall volume , there are 42,763 electric cars for individuals, 7,958 utility vehicles and 18,582 plug-in hybrid models (including 3,131 Mitsubishi Outlander, 1,929 Mini Countryman and 1,917 Land Rover Range Rover). There is also a strong increase in electric two-wheelers (+ 43%) with 13,965 units.

As for the list of electric cars, the Renault Zoe is unbeatable. It still remains the preferred electric car for French motorists with 18,817 units in 2019 (+ 10% over one year), which represents 44% of electric vehicle registrations for individuals. The Tesla Model 3 comes in second with 6,455 registrations. The Nissan Leaf completes the podium with 3,738 registrations.

The number of charging points has increased less than elsewhere in Europe

Regarding the progression of the network of charging points, France was not the best student last year. On a European scale, we fell from second to third position with 28,666 charge points recorded on January 7, 2020. France is surpassed by Germany with which it was shouldering to shoulder at the end of 2018, but which has enriched its network of 8,693 charging points. The Netherlands remains No. 1 with 14,099 charging points added last year for a total of 50,415. The United Kingdom, which is now close behind France, has also shown dynamism, with a gain of 11,417 charge points for a total of 27,719. In comparison, the Hexagon added “only” 3,886 load points over the same period.