Public transport, trips over 100 km Download the right certificate during confinement

Since May 11, to accompany progressive deconfinement in France, a derogatory certificate is necessary to move outside of its department and more than 100 km from its residence. For Ile-de-France residents, it is also necessary to have a certificate to use public transport during rush hour.

Since Monday, May 11, France has started the first phase of deconfinement, and the French no longer need to fill out a certificate to do their shopping, go to work, go see a loved one or simply walk or run in the street. And this within a radius of 100 km.

Except that there are several cases where a certificate is still required, and there are three different. They will be compulsory from Thursday 14 May, and as during the confinement phase, any offender faces a fine of 135 euros. Until Wednesday, the authorities will teach during the controls and no fine will be applied.

Certificate number 1: the declaration of displacement

The first concerns a trip that exceeds the 100 km radius around your main place of residence with an exit from the department. Its name: Declaration of displacement .

Available on the website of the Ministry of the Interior , it can be filled in and then printed, or downloaded and generated on your smartphone . The principle therefore remains the same and you are invited to enter your surname, first name, address, etc. Next, you must indicate whether this is a recurring reason for business travel. For example, we live in Lille and his employer is in Paris.

If this is not the case, seven other cases are authorized such as a business trip which cannot be postponed, a medical appointment or a judicial summons. It is imperative to have proof of address of less than one year and any document justifying the reason for the trip corresponding to one of the cases.

Certificates number 2 and 3: travel on public transport during rush hour

Also compulsory from Thursday 14 May, two certificates reserved for Ile de France have been online since Tuesday and concern people who must use public transport during rush hour. For the moment, public transport in the Ile-de-France is reserved for workers with a certificate from their employer from 6.30 a.m. to 9.30 a.m. and from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., but it is possible for “compelling reasons” to use it, and for that two certificates.

The first is a derogatory self-certificate on the model of the “displacement declaration”. The user must enter last name, first name, contact details and indicate the reason for using public transport during peak hours (administrative or judicial summons, travel for schooling, etc.). It must be dated and signed, and note that there is no time limit as in the confinement period. It is therefore valid all day.

The second is an employer certificate for employees . This therefore relates to business travel, and it is up to the employer to complete it. It must specify the hours at which the user must take transport, the address of the domicile, the nature of the professional activity, the place of the business and finally the end of the validity date. This certificate can therefore be valid throughout this intermediate phase of deconfinement.