Porsche prepares the production of the electric Macan

The German firm has just unveiled images of the new assembly line at its Leipzig plant, which will ensure the production of its future Macan electric SUV expected in 2022.

After the Taycan and the future Taycan Cross Turismo which will invest the segment of electric hunting station wagons, Porsche intends to expand its range by offering its compact Macan SUV in an electric version. If no precise information has yet been revealed about it, rumors evoke a big design work to improve aerodynamics by playing in particular on a lowered center of gravity.

The future assembly line of the Porsche Macan.  © Porsche

75,000 m² dedicated to the production of electric models

What we do know, however, is where the electric Macan will be produced: at the Porsche plant in Leipzig, Germany. Brought out of the ground in 2000, this site has just had an extension of more than 75,000 m² dedicated to the production of electric models, starting with the Macan. 600 million euros have been invested in this project. Ultimately, three types of propulsion will be produced on a single line: gasoline, hybrid and 100% electric vehicles.

In February, the Leipzig site launched a rapid charging park called the Porsche Turbo Charging. Its total capacity of seven megawatts makes it the most powerful in Europe, according to Porsche , and it operates exclusively from renewable energy.

Beyond the Taycan range, the German brand plans to launch in 2022 a 100% electric version of its compact Macan SUV. By 2025, Porsche predicts that half of the cars it will sell will be rechargeable electric or hybrid models. The manufacturer is also working on an electric supercar designed in collaboration with Rimac.