“Pollution must be prohibited”: multinationals prepare for the post-Covid-19

This week, twelve bosses of French multinationals are launching a call to build a green economy after the Covid-19 epidemic. What are their proposals? Response with Bertrand Piccard, president of Solar Impulse, who oversees this initiative. Invited to Europe 1 on Saturday, he advocated for a “clean and sustainable economy”. 

Low Levels of Air Pollution Impact Gene Expression | Technology ...Twelve bosses of large French companies are calling this week for a clean recovery of the economy, after the Covid-19 crisis . This initiative is notably supported by the Solar Impulse foundation, which works on the energies of tomorrow. Bertrand Piccard, its president, clarified Saturday on Europe 1 the expectations of these multinationals in terms of respect for the environment.

“I also wanted to bring together the bosses who want to invest in a clean and sustainable economy”, explains Bertrand Piccard, who cites among the signatories LVMH, Nestlé, Michelin, Engie and BNP-Paribas. “We unanimously call on governments to implement ambitious environmental policies,” he said. 

How to build a greener economy? For Bertrand Piccard, a total upheaval must be implemented. It is thus a question of creating an economy based on “a qualitative and not quantitative growth”, according to him. “The whole economy can restart on this new basis after the Covid-19 crisis,” insists Bertrand Piccard, who “advocates for a new economic model”. 

No decay

However, we must not create an economy based on degrowth, warns Bertrand Piccard. “When we rejoice that the planet has been better for a month and a half, we erase the fact that hundreds of millions of people have lost their jobs and are suffering terribly. We cannot have a decrease. The planet is better but the human being is worse, “he said.