Police violence: thanks to Siri, the iPhone can record an arrest

Thanks to an application developed by Apple and Siri, people arrested by the police can start recording audio and video on their iPhone. It is discreet and a person of their choice is alerted to the location of the arrest, then receives a copy of the recording.

In the United States, in France and around the world, police violence is the source of a huge protest movement . While the video of the arrest and death of George Floyd allowed the police to be charged, this is unfortunately not always the case. In the case of Adama Traoré , who died 5 years ago during his arrest, there is no video of the facts, and it is word for word, with a battle of medical experts to arbitrate the dispute and find the truth.

To avoid this, an American proposed, two years ago on Reddit , to create a Police shortcut on the iPhone , and he uses for this Siri , the voice recognition tool from Apple . By saying the phrase, ”  Hey Siri, I’m getting arrested,  ” the iPhone pauses the music, lowers the brightness of the phone and activates ” Do not disturb  ” mode  to block incoming calls, then launches the photosensor/video for selfies to start a video recording.

An application developed by Apple

CNN  also specifies that, as soon as the sentence is pronounced, the iPhone also sends a message to a predefined contact, both to let him know that you are arrested but also to give the location of the arrest. GPS must thereforebe activated. Once the recording is complete, a copy of the video is sent to the same contact, and it is possible to download a copy to an online space such as iCloud  or Dropbox.

Since the death of George Floyd, this method has become very popular in the United States, you must first download the Application  Shortcuts  ( Shortcuts ) from the App Store . It is developed by Apple and allows you to create Shortcuts to launch several actions with Siri. In the gallery of shortcuts, profiles are already saved, and in particular the one called ”  I’m getting arrested “. After having recovered it, it only remains to indicate the person to contact and the space where a copy of the video will be sent.