Pay by voice soon with Google Assistant

Google is currently testing the use of Voice Match to verify payments with voice. This new function, intended for Google Home type connected speakers, is currently being tested with a limited number of users.

Soon it will be possible to make purchases with your Google Home connected speaker without ever touching your smartphoneGoogle is currently expanding the Voice Match feature of its assistant to validate payments. It’s Android Police who spotted the new option, launched in discreetly with a handful of users.

Voice Match is a function that allows you to associate your voice with a speaker or a connected screen, in order to obtain personalized results. The voice assistant is able to distinguish up to six different voices. Google seems to have greatly improved its voice recognition system to the point where it seems confident enough to use it as a biometric tool to confirm payments, in the same way as facial recognition or fingerprint.

An imminent consumer launch?

This new function is designed above all to facilitate purchases with connected devices that do not include a camera or fingerprint reader. Payments are however limited to purchases in applications via Google Play , and orders from restaurants. The option can be activated on Android , iPhone and iPad in the Google application settings, as indicated on the help page for the moment only in English.

Much information is still unclear. Voice Match purchases will be subject to a maximum amount and a limited number of transactions per day, but no figures have yet been provided. The firm has not yet given a public launch date. However, the announcement could take place during the online conference on June 3 for the launch of the Android 11 beta.