Open source musical album, a connected ring for American sportsmen and an Elon Musk coloring book

Make way for fun this week in Funny Tech with “open source” music, a coloring book like no other, and a great tip for removing ads from YouTube. As for NBA players, they will take over the courts with a connected ring.

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This ring is made up of multiple sensors to prevent possible Covid-19 infection in American athletes.  © Oura

A connected ring for NBA players

When they are crowned champions, NBA players receive a ring rather than a medal to immortalize this title. In a few weeks, we will offer them a brand new Oura ring , since it will be a connected model. An “intelligent” ring linked to the health protocol implemented for the resumption of the season after a four-month break. Thanks to this ring, medical staff will be able to follow in real time some essential data to detect a possible Covid-19 infection , such as body temperature or heart rate. It is on a voluntary basis, and it is not certain that there will be unanimity among the players.

Elon Musk’s tweets turned into a coloring book

Fantastic boss of SpaceX but also of Tesla , Elon Musk annoys as much as he fascinates. Especially on Twitter where he sometimes writes what comes to his mind, whether it is a project or a philosophical thought. Because it is “  an eclectic mix of techno-enthusiasm, scientific progress, spiritual enlightenment and abstractions of consciousness  ”, Salina Gomez decided to image these “illuminated” tweets with a book coloring page, and it could see the light of day  via a crowdfunding campaign  on Kickstarter. This Colorodo designer needed 8,000 dollars, and her kitty has already far exceeded this threshold.