New polymer battery beats economy records

ABP Corp has created a new battery, the production cost of which would be 90% lower than that of a lithium-ion.

”  As easy as buttering a slice of bread  “, this is how the Japanese Hideaki Horie, a former punt from Nissan pictorially describes the production of batteries from his company APB Corp. The company claims to have developed a production method that would reduce costs by 90% compared to manufacturing a model based on lithium-ion technology.

New polymer battery beats economy records | World Today News

It must be said that the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries is very expensive, despite mass production which has brought prices down considerably. With components like metal electrodes and liquid electrolytes, they require production lines almost as complex as those of factories specializing in semiconductors.

Some brakes for the polymer battery

Hideaki Horie is an old backpacker in lithium-ion technology and you could say that he was one of the actors who introduced the technology in electric cars . However, he knows their constraints and in particular that of the cost of production. To reduce it and participate in the development of electric cars, the Japanese therefore created his own technology called All Polymer Batteries , which corresponds to his company’s acronym: APB. Instead of traditional components, there is a stack made of polymer sheets . The more layers there are on the bread, the more capacity increases.

With this process, production would be as simple as that of steel according to Horie. Better yet, unlike Lithium-ion batteries which tend to heat up or are prone to overvoltages, with the APB architecture, these concerns do not exist.

On the other hand, polymers are much less conductive than those of a lithium-ion battery . This means that the volume of the battery must be large to reach the desired capacity. This constraint could well be prohibitive for APB batteries despite the low cost of production.