Intel attacks Qualcomm head-on by launching a chip for foldable mobiles

To equip future ultraportable computers or foldable screen smartphones, Intel has just launched its Lakefiled platform. Integrating SoC, motherboard, GPU and RAM, it allows to refine the designs and has a reduced consumption.

The founder Intel has just launched Lakefield , a “revolutionary” chip, whose ambition is to walk directly on the borders of the competitor Qualcomm. Lakefield is more than a chip, it is a set consisting of a mini motherboard, a SoC , a GPU and which is capable of accommodating between 4 and 8 GB of RAM . Lakefield’s main advantage is minimal energy consumption , without compromising on power.

Lakefield, the new generation processor from the Intel founder.  © Walden Kirsch, Intel Corporation

Given its small dimensions, Lakefield is primarily intended for future ultraportable computers . With such a set, they can gain both autonomy and finesse, whether they have one or  two screens . Thus, it is Lakefield which should equip Microsoft’s Surface Neo. It will also be found in Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Fold , this foldable screen PC that was unveiled at CES 2020.

A stack of components

The Lakefileld processor has five cores. Among them, one heart is more imposing than the others. It is responsible for tasks requiring more power. The others are used to manage background tasks and less demanding applications . Overall, the  chip measures 12 x 12 x 1.5 mm. Record dimensions, in other words. The architecture of the whole is also a novelty. It is based on in-house technology called 3D Foveros. It consists of stacking the different components on top of each other during engraving . The advantage is that all the elements are practically the same size.

The other advantage of this miniaturization is that the circuits are both very short and thin. In addition to consuming less, this ensures passive cooling for all the elements. During its presentation, Intel explained that the cores each consume only 7 Watts in activity. In standby, this consumption would be reduced to 91% compared to that of the most economical processor from Intel. For the moment, the Lakefiled is available in two versions with a Core i3-L13G4 whose cores are clocked at 800 MHz and the Core i5-L16G7 with 1.4 GHz.