Honda Europe explains how it will recycle the batteries of its electric and hybrid cars

The Japanese manufacturer Honda is collaborating with the New Metal Refining Company located in Isère to set up a new process for the collection and recycling of used batteries across 22 European countries.

To cope with battery recycling , a major problem for car manufacturers , Honda Europe decided to rely on a French company (SNAM). Since 2013, the latter has already followed the traceability of end-of-life batteries for the Japanese firm . New agreement calls for SNAM to collect lithium-ion and nickel-metal hybrid (NiMH) batteries from electric carsand hybrids with the Honda dealer network in 22 European countries. It should then analyze their condition and decide on the best solution for their recycling.

Two options are envisaged: giving a ”  second life  ” to batteries for the storage of renewable energy in industrial applications ; when the first option is not feasible, SNAM will extract raw materials from batteries , especially cobalt and lithium, using hydrometallurgy.

Reuse of extracted raw materials

“  These materials can be reused in the manufacture of new batteries, used as coloring pigments or additives in concrete . The other commonly used materials, notably copper , metals and plastics are recycled and placed on the market with a view to their use in a large number of products,  ”SNAM said in its press release. It is indicated that this agreement with Honda Europe relates to supply batteries for electric and hybrid engines and not those used to start petrol or diesel engines.

Honda dealers present in Europe will be able to request the collection of batteries for recycling via the SNAM online platform. This will be done within fifteen days via storage sites which will centralize the used batteries to avoid that the dealers have to store them for too long.