Hidden in a T-shirt, Sony’s pocket air conditioner is available

One year after launching its prototype room air conditioner as part of a crowdfunding operation, Sony is marketing this accessory called Reon Pocket.

It has become a classic in the industry. When a brand wants to check the popularity of one of its inventions that it considers “offbeat”, it often uses crowdfunding platforms. It is not so much about funding the project, but rather seeing its approval by the public. This is exactly what happened with the Sony Reon Pocket . The idea was first proposed on the brand’s First Flight site a year ago.

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This platform is the place where Sony employees can share their creativity without hindrance. When the funds necessary to commercialize a concept are raised, the product is produced and put on sale. The Reon Pocket, which only existed in the form of a prototype a year ago, is therefore one of those slightly crazy projects that end up materializing in reality. As Futura has already presented (read the article below), this is a mini pocket air conditioning system for cooling the body under clothing.

Air conditioning in the back

Originally scheduled to be launched at the Tokyo Olympics, the accessory has just been marketed due to the new coronavirus. It consists of a V-neck t-shirt with a special pocket at the back of the neck. This is where the 85 gram device is inserted. The accessory works like air conditioning on the principle of the Peltier effect .

In contact with the skin, the device absorbs body heat and extracts it using a mini fan to then cool the contact area. Even if the diffusion of the freshness is very localized on the top of the spine , the cold on this area comes to deceive the senses and deliver a feeling of overall freshness to the body. According to Sony, the Reon Pocket could lower body temperature by 12 °. The accessory can thus prevent the shirt from getting wet in the event of a heat wave .

On the same principle, it can also be used as a personal heater in winter and warm the body by 8 °. The Reon Pocket is controlled by a dedicated smartphone application via a Bluetooth connection . The device recharges like a mobile, with a USB type C socket . According to the manufacturer, the autonomy of the Reon Pocket would be two hours. For the moment, the accessory and its T-Shirt are  only sold in Japan where the summers are known to be very hot and humid. Its price is around 100 euros.