Google Chrome puts order and color in tabs

Google announces that the next version of the Chrome browser will offer a new function to better organize its tabs with the creation of groups, colors and even emoticons. This novelty should start arriving next week.

Over the years, the browser has become the central element on our computers. We can now do a lot of things there: send emails, consult social networks, play, watch TV series in streaming or even work with a spreadsheet or word processor. Besides, Chrome OS basically works with a browser.

The flip side is that the browser, whether it’s Safari, Edge , Firefox  or Chrome , turns into a tabbed factory since each page viewed opens a tab, and sometimes we can’t even display them all in one window  ! It is for this reason that Google decided to set up a new tab organization. For now available in the next beta version of Chrome, it is to create groups of tabs , in the same way that we create folders for Favorites.

Groups, sub-groups, colors …

We can thus create a Work tab, another News, and yet another Social Network, and move the open pages in each one. And to better identify them, we add a color code. And if that is not enough, we can even create sub-groups to differentiate, for example, what is urgent or not.

And if the names are too long, and occupy too much space in the tab bar, Google offers to replace them with …  emoticons . It’s pretty clever, and we will have to wait until next week to discover them in the final version. As this is a major change to the interface, the developers have warned that the update and integration will take place slowly.