Google announces a critical flaw in Chrome

A few days after the release of the stable version of Chrome 81, Google announces that it includes a critical flaw, and that a fix is ​​online. Owners of Chrome 80 are invited to update their browser but … the update is not yet deployed everywhere.

Launched six days ago in a stable version, the Chrome 81 browser  is being deployed and is not necessarily installed on all computers (Mac, Windows and Linux ). But Google released a security alert on Friday to force the installation of the latest version.

The message posted by Google is most mysterious and succinct: “This update includes a security patch [critical]. “And when you access the details of the flaw , not much to get your teeth into since Google explains that”  access to bug details and links can be restricted until the majority of users have put update the version with the patch.  »We can just read that it is linked to voice recognition .

Update in progress

What is certain is that it is therefore recommended to update Chrome , and to go from version 80 to 81.0.4044.113. It is the only one that integrates the fix for this flaw, and for that, you have to click on Help, then About Google chrome. This is where the update will be downloaded and then installed. The problem is that the update is only in the deployment phase, and is not necessarily available yet …

Anyway, Chrome 81 is the latest version of Google’s browser, and it includes several innovations such as the integration of NFC technology directly in sites web or adding a badge notifications for webapps . Recall that due to the coronavirus crisis , Google has canceled the development of Chrome 82, and the next update will be 83. It will arrive in a month.