Free puts the package with a small Freebox Pop which does a lot

This morning, the boss of Free, Xavier Niel unveiled the operator’s new Freebox. Very well equipped, the “Pop V8” is armed to meet the demands of Free subscribers.

Xavier Niel himself, the boss of Free, showed the new Freebox Pop V8 in the small park in the operator’s building on Tuesday morning . The box has three elements, with a round server similar to a puck that can be held in the hand. The device which is linked to it is the player. 

Supplied with a remote control, it manages the distribution of multimedia content. Finally, a module of the same appearance serves as a Wi-Fi repeater . According to Xavier Niel, the Freebox Pop was designed based on the comments and suggestions of subscribers and journalists made to the operator. Three main trends have been identified and taken into account: connection stability and speed, the criticisms linked to the price considered too high of the Freebox Delta and finally, the wish that access to content be improved.

At the server level, Pop solves one of the most recurring problems for subscribers: Wi-Fi connection problems . To adjust them, the box is delivered with a Wi-Fi mesh repeater . The installation of the repeater is simplified to the maximum. On the performance side, there is Wi-Fi 5.

If it is indeed the most widespread standard, it is not the latest standard at the moment. Always to respond to requests related to performance, the server promises with fiber, a downlink speed of 5 Gb / s and amount of 700 Mb / s. A USB type C socket , which would be less energy- hungry than its predecessors, powers the server. Likewise, Free is betting on sustainability stating that Pop should work for at least ten years.