Famous homemade paintings, toilets that recognize your buttocks and the return of the K7 audio

General confinement continues to inspire internet users, and this week, art is in the spotlight with very famous works produced at home, with everyday objects. Much more serious, these toilets 2.0 which identify our buttocks, then analyze stool and urine, looking for a possible disease. More fun, this prowess of a Youtuber who managed to record video on an audio cassette.

Our weekly meeting offers you an   offbeat look at the news of new technologies. The bias is to entertain you, surprise you and make you dream … or sigh.

Famous paintings made at home

It’s called the #GettyMuseumChallenge , and it’s probably one of the best ideas of this period of confinement: stranded at home, internet users are trying to reproduce the most famous paintings. The  Mona Lisa , Keith Haring, the  Girl with the Pearl or the  Morning Sun  of Edward Hopper. The greatest works of the world are revisited with the means at hand, and it is simply amazing. Since March 25, when Getty launched this challenge, there have been thousands of proposals.

This revisited dairy from Vermeer is stunning!  © Getty

Toilets to detect certain diseases

Our urine and stool say a lot about our metabolism and our health …  Researchers at Stanford University have decided to turn our toilets into a real laboratory. Using cameras and algorithms, urine and stool are analyzed, and so that everything is personalized, these toilets of the future incorporate biometric sensors with outright anal recognition. Eh yes ! like a smartphone , the toilet bowl identifies everyone’s backside. More seriously, and without replacing real laboratory analyzes, these toilets would alert to kidney, prostate or colon problems .