Apple skateboard, paper computers and AirPods for very big ears …

This week, we abandon the coronavirus to take a plunge into “vintage” with paper models of the first computers in history. Nostalgic people will love it. For students, DIY to transform their calculator into a cheating machine. Funny Tech kindly makes fun of this surfer who bought AirPods the size of a hair dryer, while you can also create your own skateboard with Apple accessories.

Our weekly meeting offers you an   offbeat look at the news of new technologies. The bias is to entertain you, surprise you and make you dream or sigh.

AirPods the size of a hairdryer

On Amazon, there are obviously imitations of famous products, and AirPods are not immune to counterfeits. Except that this customer from Dubai was surprised to buy AirPods … giant! “  I knew it was fake because Amazon sells weird material, and it was not expensive. But I’m not going to lie, I was surprised,  “she told the  New York Post about these 60 dollar headphones she compares to a … hair dryer . It is actually a Bluetooth speaker  but history does not say if the sound quality is good.

This huge AirPod costs three times less than the real model but it is ... 10 times larger.  © Mashable

Create legendary computers out of … paper

While the 3D printing makes great services since the beginning of the outbreak of coronavirus, we jumped back 40 years with templates to create computer paper legend! Older people remember these computers, like the Apple II or the Commodore 64 and the Amiga 500. To download them, it is on the site of the artist Rocky Bergen , and then you just have to print them ( in color of course) and playing scissors and folding.

A tricked calculator to cheat on exams

The Casio fx-991MS scientific calculator is one of the rare models authorized during exams because the programming functions are limited, and it avoids cheating. Except when you’re a smart little one, gifted in electronics. This is the case of Neutrino, a Youtuber, who has put online a manual to transform the calculator into a real small computer. As proof, he replaced the solar cells with an OLED mini screen , he added a Wi-Fi chip and integrated a messaging function. What display texts and communicate with an accomplice