A master drone with 12 tilting propellers

Researchers from the Zurich Polytechnic School have developed and tested a drone equipped with twelve propellers. To do what ?

The Federal Polytechnic School of Zurich (ETH Zurich) includes a laboratory specializing in research around drones. One last born of this center is a drone with six arms each carrying two rotors antagonists , for a total of 12 propellers. Why so many propellers and rotors? To be able to redirect the drone in any direction when moving and especially when hovering .

To achieve this, the axes of each double rotor can rotate 360 ​​°. We can see the prototype of this drone in question in action on a video published by the laboratory. In this one, the drone is attached to a cable, with a margin of maneuver of 6 °. This constraint makes it possible to demonstrate its ability to reposition itself precisely on any axis without becoming tangled in the cable or striking it with the rotation of the propellers.

It could land on a wall

The applications of a drone of this type are numerous. With his ability to reorient himself, he could carry a fixed camera devoid of an axial rotation system . It would also be possible to fly it vertically to make it pass over too narrow passages, which is useful during reconnaissance, inspection or rescue missions . Finally, this particular drone could very well land on a vertical wall and be fixed there thanks to a suction cup system, for example. It remains to be seen what could be the real autonomy of such a drone with its 12-rotor propulsion system.