A driver controls several autonomous trucks remotely

Einride is a Swedish company among the most advanced in the development of autonomous driverless trucks that it was the first to circulate on an open road for commercial operation since last year.

Einride has just taken a new step in its vision of a fleet of autonomous electric trucks supervised remotely, by revealing this video showing us how a person can manage, and if necessary take control, of several vehicles. Futura has already told you about its model called Einride Pod which has the particularity of not having a cabin.

Since command post equipped with a steering wheel and multiple screens that return real-time video streams from cameras on two Einride Pods, the operator follows the movement of trucks in the grounds of a customer’s freight center. She takes the hand to perform a delicate approach maneuver on a loading dock.

Then she receives a message from the second Pod requesting her intervention. He then just has to press a button on his control wheel to connect to truck N ° 2 and make him cross the gate fairly narrow entrance. To help him in his maneuvers, the operator sees on the screen an ideal virtual trajectory which is displayed on the ground. Ultimately, Einride plans for an operator to manage a small fleet of several autonomous trucks.

Einride has an agreement with Coca Cola

“This could reduce the average working day of a fleet of vehicles from 8 to 24 hours with optimized recharging (vehicle batteries, editor’s), loading (freight, editor’s) and unloading schedules, which would increase productivity by up to 200% while reducing the hourly cost of transportation by 30%, ”said the company. 

Einride autonomous trucks are intended for repetitive journeys over short to medium distances between two points. This could be the case, for example, in a port area for unloading cargo from a ship and transporting it to a warehouse.

Last December, Einride signed an agreement with Coca-Cola European Partners for a pilot project where one of its autonomous trucks will be inserted in a transport circuit on a site located in Jordbro, near Stockholm.