40-year-old Pac-Man, Flight Simulator dazzles and a song contest won by an AI

The game is in the spotlight this week with the 40 years of  Pac-Man , the ghost eater, which celebrates its 40 years, but also  Flight Simulator 2020 whose graphics are simply stunning. Since the Eurovision competition was canceled, a Dutch channel had the idea of ​​replacing it with a competition of songs between artificial intelligences. Finally, the good point of the week is for this American high school student, who has created a site dedicated to Covid-19, whose audience reaches 30 million visits per day. Philanthropist, he refused an offer to buy eight million dollars.

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Covid-19: American high school student refuses an offer of eight million dollars for his website

While some took advantage of the outbreak of coronavirus to mount scams or blackmail hospitals whose servers were hacked, an American high school student decided not to take advantage of the situation. 17 years old Avi Schiffmann and just received an offer of eight million dollars to buy his site internet:  ncov2019.live.

Created at the start of the global pandemic, this site compiles official information from the World Health Organization ( WHO ) and other health organizations on deaths and cases of contamination linked to Covid-19 disease. . This page receives 30 million visits per day, attracting lusts. But the young student refused all offers, and he even plans to delete his site when the virus is gone.

AI wins song contest

Unsurprisingly, the Eurovision contest was canceled this year, but there was still a song and vote contest. At the initiative of a Dutch channel  VPRO, the first artificial intelligence song competition, the AI Song Contest, took place. Thirteen nations participated, and it was Australia that won with “  Beautiful the World  ”, a title inspired by the terrible fires that struck the country a few months ago. The melody and lyrics were written by an AI system, formed with audio samples of koalas , kookaburras and Tasmanian devils .

Flight Simulator puts your eyes on it

Unveiled at E3 in 2019, Flight Simulator 2020 is still not released, and the first closed beta should not arrive until July. It is therefore difficult to know whether Microsoft’s flight simulator and Asobo Studio will keep its promise to come out in 2020. In the meantime, we are enjoying the images posted on the Internet. This week, we discovered screenshots made with alpha versions, and it is simply stunning to realism .