How to deal with different Skin Types?

1- Normal skin:

That this skin is characterized by smoothness, not dry or oily, so its problems are less than other skin problems.

2- Oily skin:

It is a glossy complexion with broad pores, as it shines with the action of the fat, ie, the increase of ” sebam “, which is a fat of a thick stick that is difficult for it to get out of the pores for some reason such as the presence of dense bristles on the skin and this may lead to the formation of pimples . One of the causes may be a reaction resulting from an increase in sex hormones in adulthood, which appears in a form called acne .

3- Complex skin:

This type of skin is called the vehicle, because it has the properties of oily and dry skin together.

Where the forehead, nose and chin are more oily, and from both sides they tend to dry out, but the oily area makes up the letter T in English. It may be prone to blackheads and blackheads .

Skin types and how to deal with them

4- Dry skin:

It is the skin that has a low fat production rate, therefore it is characterized by dehydration and severe tenderness, which leads to austere and causes crusts , so the skin becomes rough, stiff, especially in the winter period more than in the summer.

As the outer layer of the skin acts as a protective barrier for the rest of the skin. It needs to be sufficiently moisture in order to perform its functions as required, especially since the transparent fatty coating surrounding the skin cells needs water and moisture to remain soft.

Note that cold air contains less moisture than warm air. The main cause of harm to the skin is the evaporation of the water in it. It is closely related to the changes in the ambient temperature .

5- Sensitive skin:

It is inflammatory skin, rapid redness , and most of the times it is dry, sensitive in addition to its delicacy. We feel from this sensitive skin this rapid from cosmetics or cleaning fluids that contain perfumes or preservatives internal in the composition of these products, and often this skin tends to dry .

 How to deal with the skin after learning about the skin type :

 1- Periodic cleaning:

That is, cleaning it with medium-heat water, which is the best service you provide to your skin during the day, especially at night, as this helps it to perform its functions in a correct way.

 2- Paying attention to proper nutrition:

It is a true indicator of public health and attention to focus on fruits and vegetables and a lot of drinking water is very important for the skin and its freshness, regardless of the skin and its age because it is prone to loss of natural moisture and low water content in it, due to exposure to sunlight and the surrounding atmosphere. Also, aging will dry water in the layers of the skin.

3- It is preferable to go to the natural materials:

In your selection of cosmetics and makeup, because they contain the least possible amount of chemicals and perfumes.

4- Protecting the skin from the effects of smoking:

Smoking is very harmful to the skin, and it leaves dangerous signs of rubber tissue.

5- Skin care under the eyes and around the mouth:

Because they need special care, as there are special products for these areas.

6- Skin needs protection from harmful sun rays:

For those looking for a bronzer for their skin, they can use tanning creams, but it must be known that sunscreen products do not completely protect but reduce the harm to exposure to the sun, as excessive exposure to sunlight causes  skin cancer .

7- To preserve the skin, its youth and its vitality:

Using sunscreen shortly before leaving the house, regardless of the type or color of the skin. Each skin type or the color of a special product with a different degree of prevention. The risks of sun exposure have been recognized by women over the past few years, including burning and drying the skin

The reason for its premature aging is that protecting the skin from sun damage is very important. Note that the highland sun is more harmful than the beach sun, it may leave painful effects on the skin.