Python Coding Challenge Bootcamp: 2020

Get to solve coding challenges using Python and let’s elaborate your problem solving skill


What you’ll learn

  • Coding challenges in real time.
  • How to solve coding challenges.
  • Elaborating problem solving skill by solving problems.

Course Content

  • Introduction.
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and modulus.
  • Even or odd.
  • Factorial number.
  • Area of a circle.
  • Sum of all list numbers.
  • Leap year.
  • Swapping value.
  • Minimum and maximum of three.
  • Second largest of three.
  • Prime number testing.
  • Fizzbuzz.
  • Minimum and maximum of three.
  • Integer Reversal.
  • Count digit of number.
  • Palindrome number.
  • Counting uppercase and lowercase letter.
  • Longest word length.
  • String reversal.
  • Palindrome string.
  • First repeating character.
  • Most frequent.

Python Coding Challenge Bootcamp: 2020


  • Fundamental knownledge of python.
  • A Desktop or Laptop.


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Who this course is for:
  • Who want to learn how to solve coding questions
  • Serious about programming
  • Trying to get into the programming world
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